Epic Dewfall - Two Important Dreams

  here is a humorous dream I had about the  
environment in Aug. of 1998  

dream about the environment...
dream about the environment cartoon of vultures
I paint fine art that I see in lucid
dreams. During one search for paintings,
I found a cartoon about the environment.
One vulture was looking at another
vulture and saying, "I wish there was a
place where every animal of every kind
in the world could get together and
learn from one another". And the other
vulture says "yeah, especially us
Cartoon Illustration
by D'Lorah

 here is a humorous dream I had about art  
appreciation in May of 1999  

A fine arts appreciation dream...
dream about fine arts appreciation cartoon of owls
I dream that I am reading a cartoon
about art appreciation. In the cartoon
I see a wise owl showing a painting to
two young owls. The painting is mounted
in the side of a tree in a spot carved
out for it. But the painting is facing
inward. The two young owls ask how are
they supposed to see the painting that
way. The wise old owl tells them, one
has to be inside the tree to see the
painting. In the next panel we see the
three of them standing in front of the
same tree but in a happier brighter
looking surroundings. The painting is
on the same tree but is facing outward
this time. One of the young owls says,
"oh yes, I see what you mean".
Cartoon Illustration
by D'Lorah

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There are monsters oh so fierce.
So horrible no strong can cage.
Oh what creatures are so cold.
They'll brush off your home page.

A darkness we won't test by leaving.
A tome where no distance is breached.
We live in a thing called a brain cell.
Knowing there are things to be teached.

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