I can't find this artist yet. In fact I don't even know his name or if he
really excists. The only thing I have on him is the following usenet posting
from five years ago.
Article #6742 (6742 is last):
From: bgustafs@gac.edu (Po$$e)
Newsgroups: alt.dreams.lucid
Subject: Using Lucid Dreams For Creativity
Date: Wed Mar  8 18:14:06 1995

   I just discovered this newsgroup yesterday and was really happy I found
it.  As soon as I found it I told my friend Tony who goes to a different
school.   Tony and I have always thought about our dreams and then after
reading an article on Lucid Dreams a few years ago, we've tried to
accomplish lucid dreams.  We've both had them in the past but with little
control.  I remember an article I read where a painter used his lucid
dreams for his creativity.  He would have his easil and all by his
bedside, then he would put himself into a lucid dream.  In his dream he
would get out of bed and look at the easil and there would be a painting
on it.  He would study it very closely and then wake up and paint what he
saw in his dream.  All of his paintings were done like this.  I thought
that this was very interesting.  I forgot the name of the artist.  Did
anyone read this article?  Does anyone know the name of the painter? In
any case, I can't wait to start lucid dreaming again, with more frequency
and control.   Sweet dreams.


(I found a radio interview about dream insperation that sounds like this lucid
dream artist may have called into by phone. He discribes how he puts is drawings
beside his bed and then fine tunes the look and feel and in his lucid dreams.
If this is him he is 65 years old and spend 35 years as a cartoonist and illustrator
for the Boston Globe.)