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#1    When I'm old, I'll see you with one pixel.
And I'll know you by your, one pixel Fame.
Right about now, I think I have five-pixels.
And way before that, I think no quatrains.

#2    In the glimmer I behold the truth.
That the shimmer beholds the see.
In the forever in the unsold boat.
That's where your hope holds me.

#3    Ok let's see here.
Fly the broom to-morning Reveille.
Through the longest ever "learning" tunnel-"glide".
(to Emily)

#4    Those moments when clouds look fast to a man.
And stars compute in his head.
And the sum of a man shines each night.
And he doesn't believe what he's said.

#5    Let no writing industries put asunder.
Two words that want to be the same.
By the hour of the state invested in me.
I pronounce my love in twain.

#6    Do you ever feel a breeze at night.
And think you were kissed by plan.
That moment needs magnetic north.
I guess that's where I am.

#7    Five is the "rain" best numbered wrong.
Few-enough to know what's going on.
That-some look up and see every star.
In a world, where soul-cells guess wrong and-charge.

#8    I know a poem that has just one universe.
It's called eventually you'll stand and go.
When table flowers wilt just as gently.
That's what it is to know.

#9    It's a starting point, that is exactly half.
Whatever her lover doesn't whisper. Plus one thing.
People should be fully attractive.
Do you know how to measure one? Times wing.

#10    It's all about reversals.
And practice till the end.
The fires of life and the trapeze pebble.
And the people money spend.

#11    This with bravery and secrecy wrote.
And delivered in urgent times.
Dear friend please read then burn this note.
My memory has outlawed rhymes.

#12    Hey! Did you last night, mumble that...
For instance... "I think I have mother's coat".
And then... "Everybody I've come home".
And 25 others... like "Sorry Johns don't vote".

#13    For some reason I couldn't see you.
I guess those buttons fell off third.
It did seem like allot of people to me.
Satin sheets, fine finish, and happy orders sir.

#14    Here with the irony of giving you flowers.
Like the knowing that activists sleep.
Are the results of all the known April showers.
And the please laugh I'm trying to be deep.

#15    The meadow dreams of shadows.
And a young bird dreams of air.
Where I am warmed by dreams of you.
Spring snow holds my stare.

#16    As restless as the thermostat.
That learns to fear the glance.
My soul forever chasing balance.
Keep pride or someday dance.

#17    Hell where's she going.
She was diagnosed.
In the dark it makes sense.
Forgotten Shakespeare steals the most.

#18    Well I'm sort of aiming at evening.
If the breeze lets me stay.
I keep trying to look outside but miss.
Then see inside my way.

#19    I'm writing a song about you.
The first note should last ten years.
And then I expect in a morning rain.
Note two might sound like nears.

#20    Female students at an all girls school.
Stepping over unconscious boys in the hallways.
I'll speak for all unwanted men and say.
We shall love you always.

#21    Least I not hate nor love too much.
If their meanings find me lost.
When as an evening showed me how.
A sunset told me soft.

#22    Do you stand alone at night.
And then see its unkind seam.
The world your strongest garment.
Its fineness sewn with mean.

#23    You've never "seen" normal too.
And you've never listened to that hue.
You've never applied the breaks in the clouds.
And they keep-running from your dew?

#24    I was standing where men must stand.
Among sunsets for those who stood.
While there I held one grain of sand.
And heard that you've done good.

#25    I'm thinking life started from a lightning strike.
And humanity is a very slow burn.
Forgive me I'm seeing how lovely you look.
I'm sure it's just a million year yearn.

#26    Since they put me in charge of the not moving stillness.
With no poet's care I'll jest.
I was wondering since we are both free falling.
Can I hope your breeze might west.

#27    Comfort what a narrow zone.
Only three degrees or lost.
A world where only good is grown.
You the sun and frost.

#28    To see the apple fall for thee.
By your will or was it breeze.
I saw you here and sorrow fell.
Like the rarest seed succeeds.

#29    My love of you is a painful truth.
And these are it's worst occasions.
For I could only give you everything.
But I can never give you persuasions.

#30    Fighting only in fables I'll know all-of life.
An average of math last night I "meaned".
While asleep I found that famous ten minute egg.
I wonder what that "dreams".

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