Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set One Hundred and Twenty One

Raging, river, raging so.
I don't know-where to begin.
Commentary or campaign!
Your white dress in the wind.

#781A Birdhouse Jammed in Between a Tree and a Shed Giving it that Broken and Who Cares Motif

#782A Local Happy Man holding up a Cigarette Butt to show Anyone who Passes (with innocent hope of it being needed someday)

#783A Pretty Woman made from Folded Paper by an Origami Master

#784A Toy Happy Face Saying Heal Your Self

#785A Woman Crouching on the Grassy Slope next to a Sidewalk trying to Make it Crystal Clear to Passing Men that She is Available

#786Lovely Arms Holding Towel Closely Simultaneously Creating an Opposite LACK of MODESTY Someplace Else

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