Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Forty Five

He's got the classic symptoms. That's interesting.
Remember the armies? It's for those that "sans" salute you.
I've tried to help him. But where's his mission mark? His goal?
You-are tons of lady come dance. He's sensitive tree cold.

#1528The Courtship of Two close Tornadoes all through the Night who would both like Music

#1529View looking through slowly opening and closing Time Portal reminding me My Belt is too Tight again causing that ill At Ease

#1530Viewing Stocks Chart while seeing BRACE YOURSELF in Bold and Checking Lotto while Hearing Mission Impossible Theme

#1531Man in Egg shaped Chair. Lowering by Thread, to the Average. And recording the Audio and Imagery. Of his Cavern Age.

#1532Man decending Normal looking Concrete Stairs cruly Designed to hurt People with each Step four millimeters Smaller than the Step Above

#1533Side view of Pretty Neighbor in favourite Dress standing in calm Lake Water up to just below her Shoulders waiting for Bus

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