Pastels 12 by 18 inches Set Two Hundred and Sixty Nine

Though diamond may be the hardest stone.
It's not quite the hardest thing known.
When broken heart lungs ask why.
So hardest is the breathless cry.

#1672Man in tall Tophat mouse tapping on Door of House with two enormous Living Eyes in the two big Picture Windows

#1673A good Samaritan helping her One-inch tall Mailman by Driving him to each House along his Route

#1674Man on Frozen Lake using Telekinesis to send his Friend sliding to other Side of Lake away from Below-Ice Desk

#1675Two Flatbed Scanners talking over Internet in ways two shy Brain Cells could only Believe (the most peaceful market)

#1676Stick Figure unhappy tear Poster hung on Wall over a closed Trap Door in Perpetuity

#1677Father helping Son put-on top of their Family car a Forty Foot long discarded old Mattress his Son found in an Alley

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