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I've seen you ten-thousand times now.
Even though there-are too many words here.
I've heard first-men think too-much one-rhyme.
If this is love: let's-play catch with sunshine.

I didn't know everyone was trying to be.
Taller than you. I didn't know it happened.
Or that every day is an event. Is that the sainte:
of quarantine. The inoculated ladies decant.

Now imagine Lault is a lucky guy.
That summer agrees and doesn't mess with shy.
You're up. Lots of letters. And cover your toes.
Keep your camera style in the wrong suppose.

What-you're going to do now.
Is put-behind your back your-hands.
That's right. One-hell hand. One-heaven hand.
You're-the kind of patient I can understand.

I'm going to give you some respect. But
let's find another word for due. One that is
exactly your button. Let's rest a little here.
The way diesel wants a change of view.

Maybe, oh it's so exciting!
By falling: I'll show how it happens free.
All those generators walking about.
What is it: it's anger at the setting sea?

A lot of things have happened.
Have you ever Had a shot at star-day?
No, I don't mean French Toast in the city.
I mean, going out there on a gigabyte highway.

  home = www.epicdewfall.ca  

If you just want to see the best of the best goto the ranking-ladder instead.

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